Ways of use

Types of Panels

  • “Z” self-supporting transparent panel
  • transparent panel in a metal frame

Panel Properties

  • exceptional luminous transmittance
  • exceptional resistance to weather conditions and ageing
  • long service life
  • transparency which does not make drivers feel constricted and does not visually separate them from the landscape
  • easy cleaning and maintenance
  • functionality and aesthetics
  • simple and quick assembly
  • 100% recyclable

Transparent soundproofing panels

“Z” Transparent Noise-Protection Panels

“Z” self-bearing transparent noise-protection panels are made of Aglas SoundStop acrylic sheets, which have been priorly thermally reshaped into the shape of the letter Z.

Standard Dimensions

  • 2960 x 500 x 100 x 15 mm
  • 1960 x 500 x 100 x 15 mm
  • 960 x 500 x 100 x 15 mm

Transparentni protihrupni paneli Z2

Technical Details

Soundstop panel teh


Akripol’s “Z” transparent noise-protection panel has been tested and categorised under category B3 (airborne sound insulation) >24 dB based on its insulative properties.

Assembly Method

“Z” transparent noise-protection panels are suitable for installation into HEA140 and HEA160 columns. “Z” panels do not require a metal or aluminium frame and are intended for installation into HEA140 and HEA160 metal columns. Installation in a metal frame is very simple, as it saves assembly time and costs.


“Z” transparent noise-protection panels, made of Aglas cast acrylic glass, come with a 10-year material warranty, in compliance with the warranty terms.

Panel in a metal frame

Transparent Noise-Protection Panels

Straight transparent noise-protection panels in a metal frame are made of a galvanised metal frame, into which transparent SoundStop sheets, 15 or 20mm thick, have been inserted.

Transparentni panel v kovinskem okvirju3

The straight transparent noise-protection panel has obtained certificates under ZTV-Lsw 06, SIST EN1793 and SIST EN 1794.

Assemlby Method
The panels are suitable for fitting between HEA140, HEA160 and HEA 180 metal columns. The installation method for straight transparent noise-protection panels is simple, which reduces assembly costs and the time needed for fitting the panels in the field.

Technical Details

Tehnicni detajl 1
Tehnicni detajl 2


Akripol’s straight transparent noise-protection panels, made of Aglas cast acrylic glass, come with a 10-year material warranty, in compliance with the warranty terms.

Protective panels for your home

Protect your home from the disadvantages and noise of roads. As a standard solution, we offer the manufacture and assembly of protective barriers.

Protective barriers consist of anti-corrosion steel racks, aluminium strips, and fillers made of cast acrylic sheets. Depending on the dimensions of the fence, a horizontal support is added as needed. Cast acrylic sheets are available in various colours; in thicknesses 12, 15, or 20 mm.

The dimensions of the barriers can be adapted to your requirements, while considering the standard dimensions of the acrylic sheets. To achieve a higher fence, mounting on a parapet wall is possible.